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Friday, 31 July 2015

Access your Bank Anytime with the ICICI Bank iMobile App

Banking has been simplified with the iMobile App of ICICI Bank. Known, as the official mobile banking application of the world known ICICI Bank, iMobile App is indeed the safest and the most secure way of availing a number of banking services right on your mobile phone.

Offering more than 100 banking services, this useful mobile app has been designed in such a way that the user will no longer need to visit the bank personally for a number of day to day banking services. Read on to acquaint yourself in depth about the iMobile ICICI Bank App.

iMobile App is a one stop platform, where you can actually watch out for your bank transactions, Insurance, Deposits, Loans, iWish and PPF accounts sitting at the comfort of your home. Moreover, the user can check his or her bank balance and passbook on the mobile with utmost ease. You are also allowed to watch and even email your detailed bank statement through this app. This is not all; iMobile enables you to transfer funds from one bank account to another account or to any contact number. The list of its amazing features doesn’t ends here; one can also send cash with the popular ICICI Bank’s Cardless Cash Facility. Not only this, iMobile App gives you the option to connect directly to an ICICI Bank Phone Banking Officer. You are also allowed to open any RD, FD or iWish Deposit Accounts with this smart mobile app. Users can also watch out their Life Insurance Policies with this useful app.

So, in short, if you wish to save a lot of time that otherwise goes wasted visiting the banks personally, then be smart enough and install the iMobile ICICI Bank App on your mobile phone. Enjoy access to your various ICICI Bank Accounts all at once through this application that is easy to download and operate.

To Download the App please visit


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